GO.MS.No.300-Constitution of 5 Members Committee with IAS officers to recommend the names of Associations / Unions of State GovernmentEmployees and Pensioners to be on the Steering Committee to review theimplementation of the Employees Health Scheme (EHS) – Constituted - OrdersIssued.
GO.MS.No.10-IR GO RELEASED Click Here to Download
GO.MS.No.2-EHF Contribution (Health Cards Contribution) from March-2014 Sallaries to be paid in April
GO.MS.No.334-DDO Should submit Employee details Data Online for Health Cards and Sallaries
GO.MS.No.331-Deduction details towards Health Cards (EHS) and Request Letter to DDO
Rc.No.31.E-Modified Half Yearly Time Table-orders Issued by DSE
GO.Rt.No.5236-List of General And Optional Holidays Declared for 2014 Year
GO.MS.No.447-Deligation of Powers to GHMs/MEOs to sanction ZPGPF Loans/Part Final to Panchayath Raj Teachers-Orders Issued
Rc.No.111-6 Days Training on Computer Basics at MCR Hyd @15 teachers per Dist
GO.MS.Nos.174,175,176-Regarding Employees HealthCare Scheme-All GOs together 
Rc.No.249-Schedule for Primary level RVM Trainings on CCE For 13 Seemandhra Dists 
Rc.No.06 Dt 30/10/13-Preservation of ELs for RMSA Training was held in May/June-2012
GO.MS.No.294 Dt 26/10/13-DA Enhanced for State Govt Employees @8.56%
Rc.No.677 Dt 26/10/13 Revised Guidlines for MRC and School Complex Grants
GO.MS.No.60 Dt 24/10/13- Implementation of CCE at all Govt,Local Bodies and Aided Recognised Schools
GO.No.24 Dt 21/10/13-Extending the Anganwadi Timings i.e They have to work from 9am to 4pm
Rc.No.118 Dt 17/10/13-3Days Training to UP level teachers-Certain instructions
Rc.No.7048-R.R Dist MDM MME Budget Released.Rs.160 per School.For copy and Annexure Click here
Rc.333 Dt.11/10/2013- Deputation of Asst.Sectorial Officers at DPOs
Rc.No.1000 Dt 11/10/13-Aided School Teachers Rationalisation Orders with Drawn